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All of the items on this page have been sold.
Michigan Bear Chair
Charlie's Chair
Carol's Chair
New York City hat  Front and back
Kathy's Buffalo Helmet
Bourbon Mule Cap
Barney Mule Cap
Margaritaville6 Hat  Front and Back                      Margaritaville7 Hat  Front and Back
Metro Hat  Front and Back                                      Drunk Parrot Hat  Front and Back
Dolphin2 Hat  Front and Back                                 Hope Hat  Front and Back
Fleur de lis Hat  Front and Back                               Star Hat  Front and Back
Morning Glory Mule Hat   Black Horse and Rose Hat      Happy Parrot Head Parrot Perch elongated and round
I discovered
leather paint !!
Now I must
Paint on all
my tack !!
Matilda's NEW Halter     Jab's NEW Halter    Jab's Bridle
This is the Pew that was done for
My Texas Music.  It is 12 feet long.
 The pictures of the front and back
are composite pictures.  It was
taken apart to be painted.  The
back still stretched out of my art
room and into the dining room by
two feet.

It was finished and delivered to
The Texas Music Academy in time
to be set up for the Texas Music
Awards Ceremony held on March
24, 2012.
Ruth's Shirt  Front and Back                       A Pirate Turns 50 Shirt on Silk  Front and Back
Stonewall Springer's new sign.  It
measures 2 feet by 2 feet  The
background is silver.  It sits next to the
road enclosed in stone and wrought Iron
in front of the Home and Kennels of
Stonewall Springers, Stonewall, LA